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    Dear Members:

    Please allow me this opportunity to say THANK YOU to the entire membership of the Municipal Clerks’ Association of New Jersey (MCANJ) for allowing me to serve as your President these past 18 months.  With your support we ushered through a number of changes that over time I am confident will prove beneficial.  Some of these changes included switching from a calendar year operation to a fiscal year operation; moving our annual meeting away from the New Jersey League of Municipalities (NJLM) Conference to the MCANJ annual education conference; introducing a new revenue source to help hold down costs associated with our annual education conference by offering advertisement and sponsorship opportunities for our program booklet; and continuing the expansion of our automated abilities by offering more online tasks which help to reduce printing and postage costs; just to name a few. 
    Other areas that we worked on include advocating for or against proposed pieces of legislation, often with the assistance of the NJLM; increasing our membership numbers; updating officers responsibilities; and improving financial controls. 
    Last summer (2014) we welcomed the Center for Government Services reorganization plan which included the introduction of a new program coordinator.  The coordinator has worked with us by opening up a dialogue that was needed and we will continue to work with her and other stakeholders in providing exceptional educational opportunities for RMC, CMC and MMC candidates. 
    During these past 18 months there were many other changes made; much of which were at the suggestion of many of you, our general membership.  Remembering that change is not always bad, I encourage you to continue to bring forth new ideas and new faces.
    The support and guidance I received from you (members, committees, Executive Board [past and present], retirees, our Executive Director and Legal Counsel, NJLM, DLGS, etc.) was invaluable.  I trust with all of this support and guidance that I am leaving our association in a better place.
    New leadership will officially take over this coming Wednesday (July 1, 2015) under the able direction of President-Elect Keith Kazmark.  I ask that you kindly extend to him the same support and guidance that you did me. Then, together, we will all continue to work for the betterment of our association and more importantly, our profession.
    Enjoy your summer, stay safe and be well !
    John M. Mitch
    MCANJ President 

    Municipal Clerks' Association of New Jersey, 88 Inskip Ave, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756


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