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WELCOME TO THE MUNICIPAL CLERKS' ASSOCIATION OF NEW JERSEY The objectives of the Municipal Clerks' Association of New Jersey are to promote education and training in the Municipal Clerks' industry, a better understanding of the official duties and obligation of its members, and insofar as possible to set up uniform methods of procedures in New Jersey municipalities.

The Municipal Clerks’ Association of New Jersey

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What's New

Governor Murphy Signs Election Voter Count Law

Release Date: August 27, 2018

Today Governor Murphy signed into law A-3463/S-1957, which requires district boards of election to report every two hours the number of voters who have voted at each precinct, and authorizes challengers to request reported count.  Within two hours from the opening of polls, election board must publicly display a notice containing an official count of the cumulative number of voters who have voted at each precinct, indicating the number of voters who have voted by machine and using a provisional ballot.  The notice must be updated every two hours until the polls close.  The new law also permits challengers to ask, no more than every two hours, for the official count of voters at each precinct.  This new law took effect on August 24, 2018

Link to bill -